Courtney Ferguson

[For the first time in two years, the truly amazing, and eye-popping Wilhelm's Portland Memorial Mausoleum (6705 SE 14th Ave) flings open its doors to the general public this Memorial Day Weekend (Sat & Sun 10 am-4 pm, Mon 9 am-4 pm). While it may look small on the outside, Wilhelm's is one of the largest mausoleums on the west coast with eight (!!) floors and 4 miles (!!) of walkable hallways and is a true architectural marvel. And on Monday only, visitors will also be allowed into the famously off-limits "Rae Room" which houses the bodies of lumber baron George Rae and his wife Elizabeth in two hand-carved marble sarcophagi—which is really a sight to behold. For just a taste of what you'll experience, check out this 2012 Mercury photo essay by Courtney Ferguson that gives you a truncated tour... because there's so much more to see!—eds]

The amazing Wilhelms from the front...
The amazing Wilhelm's from the front... Courtney Ferguson

...and as viewed from the back.
...and as viewed from the back. Courtney Ferguson

Its like a haunted mansion.
It's like a haunted mansion. Courtney Ferguson

It almost looks like a library.
It almost looks like a library. Courtney Ferguson

I saw this in a hidden-away little corner of a mezzanine.
I saw this in a hidden-away little corner of a mezzanine. Courtney Ferguson


The 4th annual Portland Sketch Comedy Festival
Sketch comedy troupes from all over N. America descend on The Siren Theater for 3 glorious nights.