Official casting for the love interests in The Hunger Games was announced this morning. "Eeeeeeeeee!," goes the internet.

1. Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. I like it! He was good in The Kids Are Alright and his unasked-for Spider-Man demo tape was sort of endearing, in a humiliating way.

2. Liam Hemsworth as Gale. I'm no Wm. Steven Humphrey, so my first reaction to that news was "What's a Liam Hemsworth?" Apparently, a Liam Hemsworth is a hunky Australian actor best known for banging Miley Cyrus. (Or... not banging? I can never remember who's pretending to be celibate and who's not.) Anyway, keyword: Hunky.

I'm fine with all of this. Hutcherson can act and Hemsworth can smolder, which is exactly as it should be. I mean, it's a wee bit Disney channel, but the books are ultimately about kids killing each other in an arena, so it can't get too smooshy.