Ever sick of just renting books at the library? Well now you can check out books that aren't books! The possibilities are endless.

Multnomah County Library has paired up with Amazon.com to offer Kindle for Libraries, a system that lets library patrons electronically check out an e-book to read on their Kindle. Just like a regular library book, readers must 'return' — read: electronic access denied —the e-book by a certain time. It's pretty snazzy. Here's the Library2Go website where you can virtually browse. Granted, you need an Amazon account, library card and a Kindle (unless you dig reading books your your desktop), but the step further illustrates the progressiveness of our local branch.

Multnomah Library: Now in digital form
  • Multnomah Library: Now in digital form

Kindle first kicked-off its library e-rental biz in April, and it's caught on quickly. However, it's still on the fence as to whether it will start offering actual Kindles for library patrons to check out.