Henry Rollins is not just a man of words and music; he's a man of pictures, too. The Renaissance man will be in town—this town, our town, Portland town!—tomorrow afternoon to sign copies of his new book of photography, Occupants, which collects photos he took in places like Iraq, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, Northern Ireland, and more, places at the center of conflict zones, where people live with war as an everyday facet of life.

Rollins will be at downtown's 2nd Avenue Records, 400 SW 2nd, from 4-6 pm tomorrow, Saturday, October 22. He'll be signing copies of Occupants, which will be discounted 25% to a price of $26.25, as well as other items with which he is associated. I wonder if he will sign my copy of Occu-Pants, the erotic graphic novel I drew which exists in a super limited edition of 1.

End Hits: Occupy Pantstown.