Galleycat tells us about a dumb contest with a dumb name that got cancelled because of a dumb rule:

The Romance Writers of America has cancelled its “Where the Magic Begins” writing contest after their refusal to accept same-sex entries created a controversy...The cancellation comes after authors around the blogosphere expressed anger about the new rules. Author Courtney Milan blogged: “You can write about aliens from another planet who have tentacles, or barbed sexual organs. You can write degrading rapes. None of those things are barred from entry in the More than Magic contest, and if you write them, they’ll try to find judges who are predisposed to like your books. But they won’t do that if you write same sex romance—even if it’s a sweet romance with no sexual contact whatsoever.”

On their blog post announcing the end of the contest, Romance Writers Ink seems to not get the point. As an excuse for ignoring same-sex romance, they say, "we also opted not to accept YA entries." Because barring young adult fiction from your contest is the exact same thing as discrimination.