It's a few days old, but yes: "Poetic Form or Star Trek Villain?" by Allen Rein:

1. Renku
2. Luc Bat
3. Mugatu
4. Pathya Vat
5. Gul Madred
6. Kai Winn
7. Rondel Prime
8. Ghazal
9. Rime Couée
10. Catena Dukat

The answers are at McSweeney's.

Oh, and speaking of McSweeney's: Holy god is Dave Eggers' A Hologram for the King a gorgeous-looking book. And—at least as of Monday night—the copies at the downtown Powell's were signed by Eggers. The next time someone wants to make an argument against the existence of a Kindle or an iPad, they should just hold up a copy of Hologram, drop the mic, and walk offstage.

SEMI-SECRET CONTEST: The first person in the comments to point out the Trek-related error in the above list will win... uh... let's see. Yeah! That'll work! They'll win my hardcover copy of the acclaimed novel Star Trek: The Next Generation: Q Squared by Peter David! Mercury News Editor Denis C. Theriault is ineligible to participate.