Publishers Weekly says American Savage is one of the "Best Summer Books of 2013." PW also interviewed me this month. An except:

Former Arkansas Governor and gay-marriage opponent Mike Huckabee has called you “unnecessarily rude, vile, and angry.” Agree or disagree?
I think I’m necessarily rude, vile, and angry. Mike would be too if people were going around describing his marriage as an abomination and his love for his spouse as sick, sinful, and perverse. That would piss Mike Huckabee off. No one is saying that to Mike Huckabee, but Mike Huckabee is saying that to me.

Have you ever felt that being less...
Less pugnacious? Less of an asshole?

...might serve your cause better?
This is who I am, and this is how I speak and write and feel. I am, like a lot of LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender] people, past the point of feeling obligated to be flawlessly and faultlessly polite at all times to people who say that I am an abomination. Yeah, maybe I say it in a more vulgar fashion. A movement for social justice needs all types; if you want a kind, hand-wringing, polite response to a Mike Huckabee, that’s what Human Rights Campaign press releases are for.

Preorder my new book now, dammit.