So yesterday, in response to the plagiarism scandal that's been surrounding him for the past month, Shia LaBeouf hired a skywriter to write an apology to Dan Clowes in the sky over Hollywood:

It's important to note that Clowes doesn't live in Hollywood. He lives in the Bay Area.

And last night, LaBeouf apparently engaged in an impromptu e-mail interview with Rich Johnston, founder of comics and pop culture site Bleeding Cool. LaBeouf responded in what seems to be a mix of original sentences and plagiarism, but his point was that the twenty-first century is about remixing and editing, not about creation. The exchange also includes this beauty:

Authorship is censorship
Should God sue me if I paint a river?
Should we give people the death sentence for parking violations-
You’ll not only have less parking violations but less DRIVERS.

On the other hand, I now know how to type the name "Shia LaBeouf" without checking the New York Times for the appropriate spelling, so I guess the joke's on me.