There's only one day of All Jane No Dick left! How did that happen? For the past couple days, I've been ugly-laughing like a boss at jokes told by women and non-binary comedians. Yesterday's Queer Zone showcase of LGBTQ performers at Alberta Street brought up my laughter quotient, hard. Here were the highlights:

Portland's Andie Main shared her experience of performing for three ungrateful bros in Gresham, and held it down for those of us who list "Downton Abbey and wine" among our favorite hobbies.

I saw DeAnne Smith, the last performer of the night, at Thursday's show too, where she was on her game, but last night she managed to totally kill it using almost no prepared material, which, in a festival that has so many repeat performers, is especially funny and welcome. Her set was full of hilarious, endearing crowd-work and covered everything—the syncing-up of menstrual cycles, the proper way to spell woman (with many Y's and I's), taxidermy stores, and what's wrong with Portland (we're very sincere and just want to be helpful). I've never seen a room so full of people being made fun of and enjoying it so, so much.

Seattle's Elicia Sanchez made some fresh jokes about Bible ownership—"It's America. If you don't have a Bible already, it means you don't want one"—and confessed to ordering a Bible from the Mormons on TV, only to be stalked by calls from the Church of Latter-Day Saints for years to come.

Rye Silverman, Mo Welch, Candy Lawrence, Caitlin Weierhauser, and Caroline Bassett also delivered solid sets covering dumb cat-calls, lesbians who hate cats and astrology, and Portland's underemployment problem and no. 1 hobby (doing kind favors for strangers).

An All Jane No Dick episode of the reading aloud from terrible books series "Say Wha?!" followed the Queer Zone, with Beth Stelling, Brandie Posey, and Courtenay Hameister's dramatic readings from Christian propaganda about the dangers of socialism, divorce, and enjoying food. Also did you know that Alice Munro sat on the jury that gave Canada's Governor General's book award to a novel about bestiality? I didn't, but now I do thanks to All Jane No Dick. Yay, I guess?

If you seriously didn't get off the couch over the past several days, or if you are protesting the fact that Lena Dunham's book event today is sold out, All Jane continues tonight. Your Sunday night can be a typical weekly existential crisis, or it can be spent laughing at strangers saying funny things. Your pick.