Every day, I feel tremendously lucky to live in a city with such a vibrant and growing small press scene, and the magazine slash publisher Poor Claudia is one of that scene's highlights, especially if you're into writing that leans experimental but never snooty. Today, Poor Claudia editor Stacey Tran shared the press' lineup of new releases for 2015-16 via email, and it's a thing of beauty. Take a look:

The Cold, Jaime Saenz (translated by Kit Schluter)
Prosthesis, Ian Hatcher
C'est la guerre, Danniel Schoonebeek
The Fundaments, Greg Purcell
The Second Body, Claire Donato (2016)
Reflesh, Lindsay Allison Ruoff (2016)

I'm especially excited about the inclusion of Claire Donato on this list. Donato, originally a poet, came out with her first novella, Burial, from Tarpaulin Sky Press in 2013. Burial is a game-changer in terms of genre—an associative approach to grief that borders on a fugue state, housed in clean, destabilizing prose. Whatever Ian Hatcher has in store should be interesting, too, and possibly very weird. Hatcher's work rides a line between poetry and text-based art, with the caveat that he takes text right to its source—code—building online pieces that are sometimes interactive, occasionally cryptic, and always a strong argument for net art. Opening Sources is a good place to start. Plus Lindsay Allison Ruoff's short short fiction is funny, with sharp edges.

Like every other small press in America, Poor Claudia will be trucking its books out to the annual moleskine and quiet desperation convention Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference in Minneapolis this April, and so far there's been no mention of release gatherings here in Portland. But if and when those are scheduled, you should go see them. Because in a bland literary landscape stuffed with Jonathan Franzens, we need more Poor Claudias.