Mondays with Me: Read-along with Michelle Obama
Maybe this isn't so much for you as it is any little kids you have tear-assing around the house as we head deep into month two of quarantine. But who cares? It's Michelle Obama volunteering to help those young'uns practice their reading, and also giving you a little (but much needed) break. This happens every Monday on the PBSKids YouTube at 9am through May 11th. Treasure it —it's not often a real First Lady is going to read to your rugrats, so take advantage while you can.

Never Have I Ever
Mindy Kaling's follow-up to The Mindy Project and the under-seen and under-appreciated Late Night is a new romantic comedy for Netflix named after a classic teen game that very often led to awkward, endearing, cringy, and complicated truths being unearthed. The show absolutely lives up to that promise (and partially explains why it is kids keep playing this mortifying game), centering on a high school sophomore named Devi, still getting over the sudden death of her father, her own paralysis, and less-heavy-but-no-less-important dilemmas like "thick arm hair," "Can I get Paxton the hot jock to like me," and "am I doing kegels right." Never Have I Ever doesn't go for the big joke anywhere near as often as Kaling's previous projects, but what it loses in comedic audacity, it makes up for with an abundance of heart.

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2
In 2020, video games are where music festivals happen. In 1981, video games were basically Pac-Man and that was about it. Well, Pac-Man's come quite a long way. Maybe not "virtual concert," long, but definitely "oh wow this is a rave now" long, as the "Championship Edition" series of Pac-Man games revived and revitalized Pac-Man for the 21st century by changing the gameplay up, adding some legitimately good EDM on the soundtrack, and turning the mazes into mind-melting kaleidoscopes of light and color. And now you can own and play Pac-Man: Championship Edition 2 for free on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You have until May 10 to download the game, but once you do? Like T La Rock once said, it's yours.

Avengers: Endgame Watch Party and Commentary with the Russo Bros.
The Community directors made a superhero movie last summer, and it turns out it was pretty good, and people liked watching it a lot. Well, since everyone's inside all day all the time now, and they saw that someone made a viral video of a WWE crowd watching their movie about Hammer-Man, Shiny-Pants, and America's Ass, they decided they're going to get in on this big ol' watch party thing with a running commentary track that starts on Instagram at 4pm, moves to Twitter at 5pm, and covers every minute of their three-hour-long epic conclusion to the Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster cinema for the time being.

Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal
The man responsible for some of the finest animation TV has ever seen (Samurai Jack, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, Star Wars: Clone Wars) returned to Adult Swim in 2019 with a goddamn vengeance. Primal is a wordless five-part story about a man and his dog, wherein the man is a prehistoric survivor of a horrific dinosaur attack that wiped out his family in three bites, and the dog is a Tyrannosaur who also lost her family in a similar fashion. The two team up out of necessity, and become a makeshift family of their own... while fighting a river of giant snakes, mountain-dwelling giant spiders, literal bat-men, and potion-slurping super-apes. It's probably the best action movie since Mad Max: Fury Road, and it's now available both on Adult Swim and ad-free via Hulu (if you have Hulu w/ Live TV).

Nardwuar the Human Serviette
DID YOU KNOW: The single best celebrity interviewer of all time was once the frontman for a "goof-punk" band from Vancouver BC called The Evaporators? He used to bounce his weird ass up and down the Pacific Northwest wrecking venue after venue, and it was good. But Narduwar had not yet had his "becoming," and only after unlocking his inner Barbara Walters did he ascend to pop-culture godhood. Millions have lost whole days to just clicking through his YouTube channel and marveling at his conversations with artists including Odd Future, Tommy Chong, Jay-Z, Joan Jett, and more—and that was before we were all on lockdown. Go on, fill your head with some of the best content the wonderful world of online can provide, doot doola doot doo.

Etta James, Live from San Francisco
When people start throwing around the phrase “greatest singer of all time,” it’s usually Aretha who gets anointed, and rightfully so—but some days it’s clear that Etta deserves the mantle. For example, I keep coming back to Live from San Francisco, taken from a small club show she performed in 1981 at the second, short-lived incarnation of the Boarding House. And I can’t believe I’m writing this, but her cover of “Take It to the Limit”—a song originally done by the godforsaken Eagles, for crying out loud—is nothing short of astonishing. NED LANNAMANN