After over a year of contentious public hearings, meticulous timelines and stakeholder meetings, Mayor Sam Adams put the Memorial Coliseum process on hold at the end of May. At the time, the mayor's office asked the three finalists to redevelop the Coliseum (the Trail Blazers, Doug Obletz and a Veterans' Arts group) to put aside their differences and namecalling work together (just like in an after school special).

Well a month later, reports Natalie Weinstein in the DJC, the groups that are supposed to be working together have no idea what's going on. Mayor Adams sent the groups a letter last month saying the Memorial Coliseum plan should look at the entire Rose Quarter, not just repurposing the historic building. From the DJC article:

In the letter Adams also said that members of the Portland Development Commission’s board have “recommended a path” for the teams to follow for the next step in the coliseum redevelopment process. But according to J. Isaac, senior vice president of business affairs for the Portland Trail Blazers, that path has not been disclosed to his project team... Matthew Miller, director of operations for the Veterans Memorial Arts and Athletics Center team, said members of the Portland Development Commission told him he would receive a letter explaining the next steps following suspension of the RFP process. His team wants the coliseum to feature a multi-use community arts center.

“I never received that letter,” Miller said. “I haven’t heard anything. At this point, I’m waiting.”

So, um, looks like it might be a while before we actually see anything happen with Memorial Coliseum.