I posted last week about a just-released study that shows the Portland Development Commission (PDC) did not use as many women and minority contractors as it should have.

The studies of city and PDC practices looked at 9,000 contracts on construction projects worth $2.4 billion altogether. That got me interested in who exactly is getting our money and what are the largest projects that the city and PDC are hiring contractors for?

PR staffers at those two public agencies swiftly compiled the top 10 biggest projects looked at in the studies. Not all the PDC projects actually got cash from the urban renewal agency, but they're projects that the PDC oversaw because they're in urban renewal areas.

Nothing really jumps out from the numbers as particularly scary or exciting, I just think it's good to have on the record who the contractors are for our city's most expensive projects. Here's the PDFs of all the contractors on city projects and PDC projects.

1. East Side Big Pipe - $388 million
2. Portland Streetcar - $95.9 million
3. Aerial Tram - $36.9 million
4. Portsmouth Force Main Segment One- $28 million
5. Mt. Tabor and Washington Park Security and Maintenance - $23.3 million
6. Sandy River Conduit Relocation Project - $20.7 million
7. Portsmouth Force Main Segment Two - $19 million
8. East Columbia to Lombard Connector - $17.3 million
9. Fire Station 1 Seismic Upgrade - $10.2 million
10. Downtown Water Mains Improvement - $9.6 million