There are big plans for the big empty lot next to the vacant Washington High School on SE 12th and Stark. Behold: A vision of the future!


Whether that building—a long-sought-after community center—is vision of the near future or distant future is still unclear. While the Portland Parks Bureau submitted a plan to build a community center on the lot (which is currently used mostly by dog-walkers and TBA-goers in September), the timeline and budget for the project are still completely unknown. In 2009, the estimated pricetag to build out the center's proposed indoor pool, gym, kitchen, art and meeting rooms, playground, and 168-car underground parking lot came to $49.5 million. Since then, though, the design has been tweaked and city number crunchers will re-estimate the budget once the plan is approved.

Part of the delay on this project is that Portland Public Schools sat on the adjacent, vacant Washington High building for years, until selling it to development company Venerable Properties for $2 million. DeMuro has long said that renovating the historic school into multifamily housing will cost a bundle.

So it looks like things are swinging into motion. But if the history of this site is any indication of its future, don't start holding your breath just yet.