HOLY GOD ARE YOU GUYS HUNGRY OR WHAT? We pretty much feel like we're dying, but it's only day four of Portland Burger Week, so let's struggle through this together. We still have so many burgers to eat.

Here's what's gone down so far during #PortlandBurgerWeek, other than a whole lot of shoving burgers into our face holes.

We've been on some advenutres in the #pattywagon...

Happy #Portlandburgerweek! Find us in the #PattyWagon all week! We have all the swag.

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We've seen some burger costumes...

What's your favorite #portlandburgerweek burger so far?

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And inspired some pretty great tweets...

Just a reminder: Live every week like it's Burger Week, and don't forget the commandmentsβ€”tip, order sides and drinks, and be kind to the staff and each other! Enjoy the next three days!