Burger enthusiasts, assemble! On August 7-12, the city of Portland will once again become the burger capital of the world during Portland Mercury's Burger Weekβ€”presented by New Seasons Market!

More than 40 restaurants and bars do their best to one-up each other in this ultimate specialty burger showdown. Your challenge, Portlandβ€”if you should choose to accept itβ€”is to eat as many of these $5 burgers as humanly possible over the course of six days.

Tackle the ultimate burger gauntlet August 7-12 at these locations:

Alameda Brewing Co.

Alberta Street Pub

Bar Bar

Bar Maven


Boise Fry Company

BRIX Tavern

Delicious Donuts

Double Barrel Tavern

Doug Fir

Elephant's Delicatessen

Fifth Quadrant

Foster Burger


HOME, a bar


Kells Brewery

Las Primas

Lay Low Tavern

Lightning Will Bar & Grill

Lompoc Tavern

Loyal Legion

Mad Sons Pub

Migration Brewing

New Seasons Market (select locations)

Next Level Burger

Nick's Famous Coney Island


Oaks Bottom Public House

Rock and Roll Chili Pit

Rocky’s Sports and Spirits


Spirit of 77

Swine Moonshine & Whiskey Bar

Sunny's Diner

Triple Nickel


Vagabond Restaurant

White Owl Social Club

Ya Hala

Zoiglhaus Brewing Company

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Thanks to our partner sponsors Jim Beam, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Satchel, and Reach Now for helping make this event a success.