We hope you're hungry, Portland—because starting Monday, August 21 and running through Sunday, August 27, the Mercury will be presenting...


Start salivating NOW, because it’s time once again for humankind’s greatest celebration/accomplishment: The Mercury's Portland Burger Week! And this year, it's our BIGGEST Burger Week yet, because Portlanders will be feasting on delectable, original burgers from a record-breaking 81 LOCATIONS (!😮!)... and if that wasn’t great enough, each of those burgers can be had for a mere $8! Holy cats... this is looking to be the best Burger Week yet!

(Thanks and a tip o' the hat to this year's fine Burger Week partners: Jim Beam, Laurelwood Brewing, and Electric Lettuce! Woot-woot!)

Go here to see pics and descriptions of all 81(!!) of this year’s one-of-a-kind burger creations, and use our handy-dandy Burger Week Map to plot your tummy-pleasing journey—but before you start planning the most delicious week of your life, keep a few things in mind:

And please, don’t be stingy! Burger Week takes a ton of work—especially from Portland’s beloved servers, cooks, and bartenders! Let ’em know you appreciate it. With money.

Each Burger Week location has more than just fantastic burgers—you’ll also find excellent drinks and sides! Could you survive this week eating nothing but burgers? Uh... probably. But you’d miss out on other awesome stuff!

Without these fine folks, there wouldn't BE a Burger Week. Special thanks to the always delicious Jim Beam, your fave cannabis purveyors Electric Lettuce, and the always scrumptious Laurelwood Brewery & Pub!

Due to its official status as the Most Beloved Event on Planet Earth™, Burger Week can get a little hectic. There will be lines—so if a place is too busy, just come back the next day, or run over to another Burger Week spot! (We mean... c'mon! There are 81 of 'em! You won't be able to throw a rock without hitting one!)

The Mercury’s got you covered with Burger Week updates, reviews, and tips on Facebook, the platform formally known as Twitter, Threads, and Instagram. (Oh! And be sure to post your sexy burger pics to social media, using the tags #mercuryburgerweek and #portlandburgerweek, and the Mercury will repost you! 🤩)

Thank you so much for partaking and enjoying in the Mercury's food weeks and supporting small local businesses—especially those who may not get the attention they deserve! YOU'RE THE BEST. And, as always, if you appreciate the Mercury's daily efforts to keep you informed and entertained, please consider dropping a small contribution so we can keep it going!

Again, GO HERE TO SEE ALL 81(!!) OF THE DELIGHTFUL BURGER WEEK BURGERS IN THEIR SUCCULENT GLORY, and get ready for the most tummy-pleasing week of your life: the Mercury's BURGER WEEK! Coming at ya August 21-27! 

Laurelwood Brewing