Although known in my circles as an advocate of vaping over smoking, I'm not an absolutist—always down for a well rolled joint, or an icy bong hit. There’s a staggering array of vaporizing and smoking gear, though price (and quality) points vary. Here are three tested and recommended products for staying elevated while reacquainting yourself with someplace other than your home.

Zeus Arc GT

The palm-sized powerhouse Zeus Arc GT has numerous high-end features, packed into a gorgeous German-designed pocket-friendly ergonomic device. Add your ground flower into a gold-plated induction heating chamber which passes through a similarly gold-plated vapor path. Then select from three preset temperatures; the haptic-equipped unit pairs with discreet lights to signal readiness. Finally, rich vapor emits through a small opening in a flat silicone mouthpiece. For the ultimate in customization, the Arc's downloadable firmware allows you to select your presets from a variety of temperatures, optimized for flavor and performance. The optional proprietary ArcPods are tiny cubes you pre fill with .3 grams of ground flower, allowing for a rapid swappable and spillproof resupply to keep the party going for the Arc's 90-minute battery life. Add the optional Iceborn attachment, and a small ice-packed filtration package cools and cleans the vapor even further, providing new degrees of chill flavor. It’s a next-level addition to portable vaporizers, making the Zeus product line serious competition to its higher-priced competitors, like Pax and Storz & Bickel. More info: Zeus


Bend, Oregon based instrument designers Smoke Honest have produced an ingenious line of smoking gear for the ganjatarian on the go. Their stated mission—"to design modern smoking accessories that are functional, beautiful, and built to last"—has been epitomized in the two products I’ve tried. The Stashlight is a sleek combination joint carrying case, with a built in refillable lighter. This anodized aluminum black beauty is slightly longer and thicker than a fat joint and unscrews at one end, to store joints up to 3.2 inches (83 mm) long, perfect for 1-¼-inch size cones/pre-rolls. Its crush proof, slim profile is paired with a windproof lighter beneath its screw top, at the other end.

Capsule Water Pipe

Smoke Honest's Capsule Water Pipe is beautiful, well designed, and durable. Plus, it's easy to clean and pack. The mouthpiece (there are options for glass or stainless steel bowl) and stainless perforated down stem fit nicely into a thick borosilicate glass chamber—about the size of a large can of baked beans, which rests in a removable, silicone base. The top holds a hidden poker, and is magnetic—it's a perfect place to attach a lighter and thus end the "where's the Bic?" game for good. Because the Capsule Water Pipe has a component-based design, a single broken part can be replaced instead of trashing the whole pipe. It packs together into a small travel-sized package that's made to for adventures, an uncommon trait in high quality glassware. Buy local, and get your bong based sessions anywhere. More info: Smoke Honest