Bad news for the tourism bureau of Estacada: The town's #1 attraction, the Original Safari Club—a huge haven of cheap drinks, sketchy fried food, and most legendarily, tons of taxidermied large wild game in various states of repair—posted on their Facebook page last night:

I'd be lying if I said I was truly surprised; the fact that it's been around as long as it has is pretty impressive. Delving into the panicked comments on the post, the closure seems due to the costs of keeping up with repairs, of which I imagine there are many.

Waitaminute... Did you catch that last part? "we hope to open eventually in Portland. Help us find a good spot" HOLY SHIT.

Where should the PDX resurrection of the Safari Club go*??

* Because it's a potential dealbreaker, it's worth pointing out that the Club owner also stated that "My animals are coming with me."