I love it when music and animals come together (duh), so obviously I love the new photo book that combines both metal and kittens in a glorious display of adorable weirdness.

Metal Cats, out today, is a collection of portraits featuring metal musicians posing with their cats—the book features members of Isis, Cattle Decapitation, Napalm Death, Gypsyhawk, and so many more. Sometimes the human in the picture is pretending to eat the cat, sometimes the cat is trying to eat the human, sometimes the cat is eating ice cream, sometimes the cat is turning down a hit from a bong. Every picture causes me to simultaneously laugh and squee. It even has a few locals in the mix, including members of Book of Black Earth, Akimbo, and Skarp!

Preview some of the pictures here—Black Metal Comedian with the bag over his head, holding his tiny little serious faced friend is just the greatest.