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Today brings great news for Portland, the city with the most cat ladies in the nation. A new meet-up group has been founded for those who enjoy the company of a feline or two. Founded November 25, Portland People Who Love Cats posts this as their mission statement:

Now that there's less stigma surrounding crazy cat people, it's our time to shine! ;) This group is for people who love their cats or wish they had cats and want to hang out and share photos and videos of them, maybe grab a drink and play some exploding kittens or have a potluck and meet other people's cats.

So far, the group is 34 cat lovers strong, all doing their part to fight the unfair stigma against cat people.

Do you frequent the Safeway in Southeast and love Cecil, its resident cat? Well, I've got bad news for you. Ever since Cecil's rise to prominence on social media over the past couple days, he's been banned from the store, probably for boring killjoy health code reasons. There's a grassroots effort in the works for Cecil supporters to stop shopping at Safeway, or to bring their cats to the store in protest. I don't think the latter is such a good idea, but maybe you can take your buddy to the cat meet-up!

Well, that's all the cat news for today. You can go back to sipping your afternoon catnip tea now!