If you were planning to show up at City Hall on Thursday to hear the Portland City Council finally chew over whatever Joint Terrorism Task Force proposal Mayor Sam Adams has been cobbling in talks with the FBI, don't bother.

"Significant new input" arrived from his negotiating partners in Washington this afternoon. And that meant the mayor's proposal wasn't ready in time for a self-imposed 3 pm deadline today. Now the hearing, as promised, has been canceled. That leaves a March 17 hearing as the public's first chance to hear the council publicly discuss what Adams is working on. His office had already said last Friday that any actual vote would wait until then, too.

So when will the mayor's proposal come out? "As soon as we are able," the mayor now promises. And here I hoped he might have been offering a hint yesterday when I caught up with him during jury duty.

After the jump, the mayor's statement.

This afternoon, Mayor Sam Adams and City staff received significant new input from federal agencies on the Mayor's proposal regarding Portland's potential participation in the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).

The Mayor, his colleagues, and the City Attorney need time to review this input, and will not be able to release a public draft of the proposal today. As a result, the March 10, 2 pm City Council hearing has been canceled.

"I want to make sure we have considered all angles, and all points of view," Mayor Sam Adams said. "As soon as we are able, we will be releasing a draft of this proposal, and asking for the public's comments."

For additional background on the JTTF and this public process, please visit http://mayorsamadams.com/JTTF.