In an email announcement that contained the BIGGEST HEADSHOT I'VE EVER SEEN (seriously, razor bumps and all!), college student Max Bauske promised he would make official sometime today what he said yesterday: He's going to make a quixotic run for Portland mayor.

As of 11:30 this morning, however, the city auditor's office said it had yet to receive Bauske's filing paperwork. It should be noted that the other Max running for mayor, Max Brumm, was painfully diligent about making sure he filed his filing paperwork ON THE FIRST DAY of filing BEFORE ANY OTHER CANDIDATE.

Update 1:50 PM: Bauske just strolled out of the city auditor's office, having paid $50 to get on the official list of candidates. That will happen once officials verify he's a registered voter and really and truly lives in Portland.

Bauske, in his announcement, also gets in a few more shots at Brumm. Among them

“I'm the real Max for mayor. As a lifelong Portlander who graduated from Portland Public Schools, I know Portland. I even attend college in Portland, not Oregon City.”

Read the whole thing—plus some fresh, post-filing quotes from Bauske—below. I'll update if/when he files.

Bauske would like to set the record straight on why exactly he's running—and why he's so relentlessly poked fun at Brumm. Yes, there's a "humorous element" to the run, what with the whole "two Maxes" meme. But he also says Brumm, who caught flack for campaign materials that had misspellings and for having a spartan, simple platform, also served as an inadvertent inspiration.

"The goal is to inspire young people to get involved and understand the issues and what they're talking about," Bauske says. "I'm just hoping to get a better grasp of the political process and also inspire other yioung peple to get involved."

He's promised to forgo contributions and hopes to spend so little he won't trigger the $750 state reporting requirement. He's a student, and works as a cashier, so he says he might decide to sell some homemade silkscreened shirts to help pay for his filing fees.

As for the relative polish of his own campaign website, compared to Brumm's: "I had help from a roommate," Bauske says.

Portland — Max Bauske announced that he will file today to run for mayor of Portland. A student at Portland Community College, Bauske also works part-time as a cashier for the Hawthorne Fred Meyer store.

“I'm the real Max for mayor,” said Bauske. “As a lifelong Portlander who graduated from Portland Public Schools, I know Portland. I even attend college in Portland, not Oregon City.”

Bauske admitted that his odds of winning are long. “I know that a 22 year-old college student who isn't accepting campaign contributions has about as much chance of being mayor of Portland as Gary Busey has of being cast in the Arrested Development movie. However, I'm in this race to show Portlanders that it's possible for a young person to run for office who can compose emails and tweets that aren't full of spelling and grammatical errors.”

“You won't find me hosting any fundraisers, and I'm not taking a dime from special interests, PACs, or businesses. I don't have much free time to devote to campaigning, but when I want to speak my mind on the issues facing Portland I won't have to think about how it's going to go over with my campaign funders.”

“This mayoral race gives Portland an opportunity to have a meaningful conversation about the future of this city—our hopes and dreams, as well as the challenges we face together,” he continued. “My hope is to add something valuable to that discussion.”

Bauske, 22, lives in Southeast Portland with his girlfriend and their cat, Finn.

His campaign website is