Here's a story for you motorcyclists and scooter riders out there (or anyone who needs a reminder that our city government does thoughtful things sometimes). Parking downtown—IS A PAIN IN THE PATOOT. And what makes it a bigger pain for motorcyclists or scooter riders are the paid parking receipts. Car drivers are instructed to buy the receipts and then display them in the curb-side window of their car, but motorcyclists and scooter riders don't have those and are usually forced to just put them in plain sight on their bikes, where they can be easily stolen. (Sure, you can take a pic of the receipt to prove you bought it and then contest the parking ticket in court... but who wants to go through that hassle?) WELL, GOOD NEWS MOTORCYCLE AND SCOOTER LOVERS. Check out the cool FREE thing that the Portland Bureau of Transportation sent me in the mail yesterday!


It's a lockable permit sleeve that you can safely attach to your bike! And once again, IT'S FREE. Now I can buy my receipt, slip it into the sleeve, and lock it to my motorcycle without fear of it getting stolen. THANKS, PBOT (and tax payers who most likely foot the bill for this)!

Want one of your own? GET YOURS HERE.