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Art Feb 28 4:00 AM

Spring Comes Early to Director Park

Portland Tropical Gardens’ Artsy Cure for Winter

Art Feb 10 4:00 PM

That Capitalist Vision of Thomas Kinkade

Upfor Gallery Curators on the McDonald's of the Art World

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Art Feb 10 4:00 PM

Project Art: The City’s Alternative Gallery Spaces

HQ Objective Goes Beyond the Traditional Gallery's White Cube

Art Jan 27 6:00 PM

"World's Greatest Cat Painting" Comes to Portland Art Museum

And the Collector Behind It Breaks His Silence

Art Jan 20 9:00 PM

Natalie Anne Howard's Art Is Psychedelia by Southwest

The '90s Nostalgia of Diurnal Doldrums

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Art Jan 13 10:00 PM

Project Art: The City’s Alternative Gallery Spaces

At PSU's Littman Gallery, the Staff Actually Wants to Talk to You

Art Dec 30 7:00 AM

Cowpokes of Instagram in The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Portland Painter Annie McLaughlin Takes on West Coast Pastoral

Art Dec 23 7:00 AM

Krampus Sees You When You're Sleeping

And He's Coming to the Pony Club Gallery!

Art Dec 2 5:00 PM

Project Art: The City’s Alternative Gallery Spaces

In a Gentrifying Portland, Making Art is Expensive. Grants Like PICA's Can Help.

Art Nov 25 4:20 PM

The 1980s NYC Art World—in a Box!

Art Babies and Bright Lights in Paige Powell's The Ride

Art Nov 4 4:20 PM

Project Art: The City’s Alternative Gallery Spaces

Spend Winter with Publication Studio's Artists and Writers

Art Oct 7 4:20 PM

Project Art: The City’s Alternative Gallery Spaces

Finding the Punk Core of Portland Art at S1

Art Sep 16 4:20 PM

Beyond First Thursday

A Newcomers' Guide to Portland's Art Galleries

Art Sep 9 4:20 PM

Grrrl in Motion

Alien She's Archives of Riot Grrrl

Art Sep 2 4:20 PM

Not-So-Precious Cargo

Artist Jessica Jackson Hutchins Upends Portland's Cutesy Crafting

Art Aug 26 4:20 PM

Lost in Translation

At Yale Union, A Portland Art Gallery Goes Parisian

Art Aug 19 4:20 PM

Properties of Water in The River Keeps Talking

Freaky Beaches and Neon Sunsets at Ampersand Gallery

Art Aug 5 4:20 PM

Life on the Streets

Survival Advice from the Youth of P:ear

Art Jul 22 4:20 PM

Another Roadside Attraction

Drive-ins, Signs, and Symbols at Land Gallery

Art Jul 1 4:20 PM

Ground Control

From Mount Hood, Artists' Environmental Impact Statement

Art Jun 24 4:20 PM

Border Crossings

Old Art World Meets New at PICA and the Portland Art Museum

Art Jun 10 4:20 PM

Hockney Meets Stravinsky

Portland Opera Joins Forces with Artist David Hockney

Art Jun 3 4:20 PM

Shutter Speed

Portland's Boundary-Pushing Photography Finds a Home at Melanie Flood Projects

Art May 13 4:20 PM

Chaos and Splendor

PICA Celebrates 20 Years of Contemporary Art in Portland

Art May 6 4:20 PM

The Art of Stalking

Sophie Calle's Nosy Conceptual Art, Revisited

Art Apr 22 4:20 PM

Pitch Black

Portland's Black Cake Records Turn Writing into Sound Art

Art Apr 15 4:20 PM

Out of Tumblr and Onto the Wall

Intisar Abioto's Signature Portraits Get Their Due at Duplex Gallery

Art Apr 8 4:20 PM

Art Walkin': First Friday

Stuck Between the Old Portland and the New

Art Mar 25 12:10 PM

Jump Start

Building Video Games at Portland's Jumpdrive Studios

Art Mar 18 4:20 PM

Froot Loops

Lisa Frank, Art History Major, at Fourteen30 Contemporary

Art Mar 4 4:20 PM

Room Full of Faces

Key Figures of Outsider Art at Adams and Ollman

Art Jan 21 4:20 PM

Without Ceremony

Victoria Haven's Quiet Evolution

Art Jan 14 4:20 PM

Source Code

Finding the Signal in the Noise at Froelick's Group Show

Art Jan 7 4:20 PM

Puzzled, Mathematical, and Hungover

First Thursday Crawls into the New Year

Art Dec 31 12:00 PM

So Money

Skylines and Shiny Objects at Disjecta and Nisus Gallery

Art Dec 24 12:00 PM

Building a Vocabulary

Words for Allie Hankins' Physical Education

Art Dec 17 4:00 PM

Ruined Refuge

Rose Bond Shines a Light on the Society Hotel

Art Dec 10 4:00 PM

Art Walkin'

Popped Up, Toned Down, and Slapped Together

Art Nov 19 4:00 PM

Wilderness Years

Corey Arnold Photographs Animals Who Want to Kill Him

Art Nov 12 4:00 PM

Art Walkin'

Making an Impression on First Thursday

Art Nov 5 4:00 PM


Photography at Elizabeth Leach and the Portland Art Museum

Art Oct 8 4:00 PM

Art Walkin': First Thursday

Hoods 'n' Heads

Art Oct 1 4:00 PM

Dreamed-Up Dynasty

Lenae Day Makes Hollywood History

Art Sep 10 4:20 PM

Art Walkin': First Friday

The End of an Era

Art Sep 3 4:00 PM

Writing on the Walls

The Latest Batch of Murals from Forest for the Trees

Art Aug 6 4:00 PM

Last Thursday: Three-Piece Pursuit

Worthy Stops on the Northeast Gallery Strip