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News Oct 7 4:20 PM

We Are Roseburg

Notes from the Scene of Oregon's Worst-Ever Mass Shooting

Books Oct 2 4:00 AM

A Whole New Wordstock

Portland's Books Festival Braces for Bigger Things

Books Sep 1 4:00 AM

On the Couch

Analyzing Arbus in An Emergency in Slow Motion

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News Jun 23 4:00 AM

Applying the Brakes

Ankeny Street Café Plan May Have to Wait

News Jun 9 4:00 AM

A Graveyard for Good Laws

In Salem, Bill-Killing Lobbyists Find Friends in High Places

News Jun 9 4:00 AM

Make Way for the Parking Lot!

Customers Fight Les Schwab's Plan to Boot Farm Shop

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News Jun 2 4:00 AM

Behind Closed Doors

In Cop Talks, Privacy Trumps Much-Touted "Transparency"

News May 26 4:00 AM

The Meter Is Running

Legal Bills in Campbell Shooting Hit $354,000

News May 26 4:00 AM

The Landlords Strike Back

Common Response to City Bias Audit: Not Me!

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News May 26 4:00 AM

Kids in the Big House

Oregon Finally Changes Law That Puts Teens in Adult Jails

Books Apr 14 4:00 AM

Death and Taxes

The Pale King: David Foster Wallace's Final Book

Movies & TV Sep 10 4:00 AM

Saving Shaolin

Portland Film Geek Unearths Grindhouse Goldmine

News Jul 9 4:00 AM

Advocates, Mercenaries, or Minions of Satan?

Legislators Rate Salem's Best and Worst Lobbyists

Books Jun 4 4:00 AM

America's Favorite Elf

A Conversation with David Sedaris

News May 28 4:00 AM

Mayor or Monster?

Were Sam Adams' First 100 Days Really So Bad?

News May 14 4:00 AM

Go for the Gold (and Guns)

How Local Pawnshops Are a Microcosm of the Portland Economy

News Apr 16 4:00 AM

Rip City Redux

The Portland Trail Blazers Return to the Playoffs... Or, Why Are the Spurs Trying to Murder Us with a Machete?

Books Apr 16 4:00 AM

Stumping for Comics

Getting Reacquainted with the Stumptown Comics Festival

News Mar 19 4:00 AM

Going, Going, Gone!

Auctioning Homes from Portland's Courthouse Steps

Books Mar 5 4:00 AM

Web + Novel

Portland's Underland Press Ventures into the Brave New World of Online Publishing

Books Feb 5 4:00 AM

Hope on the Hardwood

How FreeDarko Saved the Sport of Basketball

Movies & TV Feb 5 4:00 AM

The Coraline Effect

Is This the Year the Portland International Film Fest Will Matter?

News Jan 29 4:00 AM

No One Is Innocent

What Sam Adams Did Wrong; What Portland Did Wrong

News Jan 29 4:00 AM

The Tea and Sympathy Rule

A New Rule for Older/Younger Affairs

News Jan 15 4:00 AM

Collect Them All!

A Bandwagon-Hopper's Guide to the Portland Trail Blazers

News Jan 8 4:00 AM

Candyland Unwrapped

The Not Completely Sweet Story Behind Sellwood's Bizarre Candy-Coated Home

News Dec 24 4:00 AM

New Year's Eve Roundup

All You Need to Know for the Drunkiest Night of the Year!

News Dec 24 4:00 AM


2008's Most Annoying, Ridiculous, and Terrible Things that Won't Be Invited Back to 2009!

News Dec 18 4:00 AM

Smoke 'Em While You've Got 'Em

Everything You Need to Know About the Forthcoming Smoking Ban

News Dec 11 4:00 AM

Dumpstering for Christ

The Holy Diver Digs for a Living—and Meaning—in Portland's Trash

News Nov 27 4:00 AM

Less-Lethal Weapons

Are Portland's Cops Changing Their Tune on Tasers?

News Nov 20 4:00 AM

Eastward, Ho!

On Election Day, Democrats Marched In and Took Over East County Legislative Districts. Here's How They Did It.

News Oct 30 4:00 AM

It's Your Move

2008 Mercury Endorsements Help You Win the Voting Game!

News Oct 23 4:00 AM

Made it Work

Portland's Own Leanne Marshall on Winning Project Runway

News Oct 23 4:00 AM

What's Red and Black and Hype All Over?

The 2008-09 Blazers Season Preview

News Oct 2 4:00 AM

Hot Houses

Density Is Portland's Future. Some Smart, Young Architects Get it Right.

News Sep 25 4:00 AM

Shut Up... No, YOU Shut Up!

Nonpartisan Advice for the Upcoming Presidential Debates: An I [Heart] Television™ Special Report!

News Sep 4 4:00 AM

Inside The Monster

Taking In and Taking On The 2008 Democratic National Convention

News Sep 4 4:00 AM

Funk the War

How St. Paul Protests the Republican National Convention

News Aug 28 4:00 AM

Welcome to Portlandistan

Mentors Help Portland's Evangelical Russian Teens Conquer English, YouTube, and Borat

News Aug 28 4:00 AM

Fare Check

TriMet's Fares—and Ridership—Are on the Rise. So Where's the Better Service?

News Aug 14 4:00 AM

The Commission for Soapbox Safety Presents: Crimson Asphalt

Portland Adult Soapbox Racing, Safety, and You

News Aug 7 4:00 AM

Selling Scientology

A Former Scientologist Marketing Guru Turns Against the Church

News Jul 24 4:00 AM

My 1988

News Jul 24 4:00 AM

1988: The Year in Portland Music

A profile of Portland's music scene in 1988.

News Jul 24 4:00 AM

It Happened In 1988

Hate Crime Doesn't Pay: Skinheads and the Death Of Mulugeta Seraw

News Jul 17 4:00 AM

Calling Doctor Cheap-o!

An Unpaid Apptentice's Guinea Pig Guide to Inexpensive Portland Health Care

News Jun 26 4:00 AM

A Tale of Two Workers

The Controversial New Day Labor Center Opened. Here's What it Looks Like from the Workers' Perspective

News Jun 19 4:00 AM

Uneasy Riders

Road Tripping from Knoxville to Portland on Beater Bikes

News Jun 5 4:00 AM

Queer Quiz

Who is REALLY the Gayest of them all?

News May 8 4:00 AM

The Status Quo Can Suck It!

Our 2008 Primary Election Picks

News May 8 4:00 AM

2008 Primary Election Cheat Sheet

Thinking for yourself is overrated!

News May 8 4:00 AM

Fact Check

Scrutinizing the Candidates' Junk Mail

News Apr 10 4:00 AM

The Ballad of Timber Jim

An Interview with Portland's Most Beloved Mascot

News Apr 10 4:00 AM

Portland Wants Squatch!

Why We Should Trade Our Mascot for Seattle's

News Apr 10 4:00 AM

Beneath the Mask

Andrew Tonry Spends the Worst Night of His Life as the LumberJax Mascot

News Apr 3 4:00 AM

Old Town Shuffle

New Tenants Move In, Poor People Move...Where?

News Mar 13 4:00 AM

Bridge to Disaster

A Proposed New 12-Lane Bridge over the Columbia River Will Cost $4.2 Billion, Increase Traffic, and Do Little to Alleviate Climate Change. What the Hell Are We Thinking?

News Mar 6 4:00 AM

Sex Survey Results 2008!

Portland's Sexiest Average People Speak Out on the Topic of Sex!

News Feb 28 4:00 AM

Good-Bye, Felony Flats

Southeast Residents Develop a "No-Tolerance Attitude"

News Feb 21 4:00 AM

Asleep On The Street

Approximately 1,400 People Sleep on Portland's Streets—and for a Night, Reporter Matt Davis Was One of Them.

News Feb 14 4:00 AM

Mercury Reader' Valentines!

Check and see if you got one!

News Feb 14 4:00 AM

The Mercury's 2008 Sex Survey

What are you waiting for? Fill it out NOW!

News Feb 7 4:00 AM


Some "Hard" Truths About Public Sex

News Feb 7 4:00 AM

A Fine Romance

Wining and Dining and Valentining

News Feb 7 4:00 AM

Crazy Love

With Valentine's Day Just Around the Corner, Writers and Readers Share the Craziest Pages from Their Love-Life Histories

News Jan 31 4:00 AM

Your Lazy Ass (and how to get off It)

Idealist.org Wants to Transform Your Life!

News Jan 31 4:00 AM

To Be Free

The Bhaktishop Is More than Just Another Yoga Studio

News Jan 31 4:00 AM

So, You Want to be a Professional Sports Journalist

Or, Observations from the Worst Sports Reporter on Press Row

News Jan 17 4:00 AM

Calling Dr. Laura

My "Conversation" with the AM Radio Morality Maven

News Jan 17 4:00 AM

Blind Spot of Justice?

Prosecutors Decline to Charge Driver Who Killed Cyclist Tracey

News Jan 10 4:00 AM

Get A Room!

When Hipster Immigrants Invade Portland, it Makes it Kinda Hard for Oregonians to Find a Room. Okay?

News Dec 27 4:00 AM

Things NOT Invited Back to 2008!

The Most Annoying Annoyances of the Past Year!

News Dec 20 4:00 AM

Up On Santa's Lap

Who Has the Most Comfortable Lap in Portland?

News Dec 13 4:00 AM

Spread 'Em

Or... What I Learned at Citizen Police Academy

News Dec 6 4:00 AM

The Mercury Online Charity Auction

Bid for and Win Fantastic Treasures! All Proceeds Go to Feed the Homeless!

News Dec 6 4:00 AM

Sisters of Mercy

All the Proceeds of this Year's Charity Auction Go to... SISTERS OF THE ROAD! And Here's Why!

News Nov 29 4:00 AM

Sell the Dream

I Needed a Job. Hyphire Solutions Was Hiring. Here's Why That Didn't Work Out So Well.

News Nov 29 4:00 AM

The Mercury Online Charity Auction

Bid for and Win Fantastic Treasures! All Proceeds Go to Feed the Homeless!

News Nov 29 4:00 AM

Sisters of Mercy

All the Proceeds of this Year's Charity Auction Go to... SISTERS OF THE ROAD! And Here's Why!

News Nov 15 4:00 AM

The Chasse Files

Pre-Trial Hearings in the Cop-Related Death of James Chasse Jr. Get Heated

News Nov 1 4:00 AM

Somewhere to Go, Something to Believe In

Great Expectations for the City's New Homeless Center

News Nov 1 4:00 AM

Failure to Yield

Portland's Most Dangerous Intersections for Bikes—And What Can Be Done About Them

News Oct 25 4:00 AM

Off the Bench

Wild Speculations, Homoerotic Musings, and General Falsities

News Oct 11 4:00 AM

Trees or Tract Homes?

It's Timber Companies vs. Enviros in a Battle for Oregon's Future

News Oct 11 4:00 AM

Project: Panic!!

Making Portland's Fake Dirty Bomb Attack Even Fakier!

News Sep 20 4:00 AM

Butter Hogs XXVI!

These People Hog So Much Butter, It's Like They're Hogs!