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Visual Art Mar 12 12:00 PM

Father Fannie's Funhouse Is Constantly Changing

The latest ILY2 Too Lloyd Mall resident curates artworks and workshops focused on community and Black joy.

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Design Mar 8 2:52 PM

Do You Remember Content? The Hotel Room Takeover Art Installation Event Returns

Artists at this unique Portland showcase include eco-friendlies Making Earth Cool and local music supporters Friends of Noise.

Visual Art Nov 10 11:00 AM

At Portland Fall Art Shows: Flemish Snack Bags, Sculptures of Daily Detritus, and Other Wonders

Find a visual feast at Portland art galleries like SE Cooper Contemporary and Japanese American Museum of Oregon.

Movies & TV Oct 6 8:00 AM

David Byrne Takes Over Tomorrow Theater's Opening Weekend

A look inside the renovated former adult movie house that Portland Art Museum turned into a 250-seat movie and performance venue.

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Comics Aug 23 10:20 AM

An LA Comics Fest Comes to Create Permanent Damage in Portland

Floating World hosts the grimy indie comics fair in Lloyd Center's old Ulta Beauty salon.

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Visual Art Jun 22 2:22 PM

Crafting Pinocchio Spotlights the Stop-Motion Animation That Made the Movie Come Alive

Portland Art Museum presents an up-close view of Guillermo del Toro's unique vision and ShadowMachine's masterful craft.

Theater & Performance May 12 7:30 AM

Q&A With PICA's Outgoing and Incoming Executive Directors

After 20 years, Victoria Frey passes the torch to Reuben Roqueñi —who has been involved with PICA for over a decade.

Visual Art May 9 1:00 PM

Meet the Mercury's Cover Artist of the Week: Femke Hiemstra

Flora, fauna, surrealist fables... and other examples of Hiemstra's Neo Fabulism.

Visual Art Apr 6 2:29 PM

Making Earth Cool: Partying to Save the Planet

On First Thursday, the art collective kicks off a two-month residency at Parallax Art Center.

Visual Art Mar 28 10:01 AM

This Week’s Mercury Cover Artist: Sam Geballe’s Beautiful Darkness

Body dysphoria is only part of this remarkable photography exhibit running through this Saturday, April 1, at Blue Sky Gallery.

Visual Art Mar 8 11:00 AM

ILY2 (or I Love You Too) Takes Root

Portland's newest contemporary art venue previously existed as an emotional-support hotline and a pop-up "glamshot" photo studio at the Lloyd Center.

Visual Art Mar 6 12:00 PM

Mercury Cover Artist of the Week: Justin “Scrappers” Morrison’s Sincere Celebrations

Making earnest art about how strange and beautiful it is to be alive right now.

Visual Art Mar 2 10:00 AM

Hot Take at Portland State: Looms Are Computers

At Weaving Data, nine artists explore the shared history of textiles and tech.

Visual Art Feb 22 2:00 PM

The Future Past: Artists in Conversation

New exhibits at the Portland Art Museum showcase the conversation between Dakota modernist Oscar Howe's work and contemporary Choctaw and Cherokee artist Jeffrey Gibson.

Visual Art Dec 1 12:20 PM

Two Portland Galleries Make Their Move

Both Blackfish Gallery and Chefas Projects are expanding, showing off the local arts community's resilient side.

Visual Art Nov 8 1:37 PM

The Fluorescent and Ungovernable Ocean of Like Liquid, Cut Loose

Paper-focused visual artist Morgan Rosskopf and electronic musician Ashlin Aronin transport Well Well Projects to a chaotic blacklight grotto.

Visual Art Nov 3 11:00 AM

Photographer Luke Misclevitz's Wild Time Capsules

Misclevitz chronicles Portland’s underground—it's music, fashion, and nightlife.

Visual Art Oct 31 1:00 PM

Humaira Abid Confronts the World

Meet the Mercury Cover Artist of the Week!

Visual Art Oct 12 10:28 AM

Meet the Mercury's Cover Artist of the Week!

Witchcraft, death, and tigers with visible skeletons... it's all part of this week's Mercury cover artist Mx. Morgan Robles' fearless divination.

TBA Sep 16 1:00 PM

TBA Review: They Can Never Burn the Stars Is TBA at Its Best

Standing in certain locations turned viewers’ bodies into conduits for deep vibrating bass lines.

Fall Arts 2022 Sep 12 8:03 AM

Portland Art Galleries, a Reintroduction

Fall visual art shows, and the galleries that love them.

Visual Art Aug 11 10:07 AM

This Week's Mercury Cover: Steven Miller’s Spiritual Skinny Dipping

An Interview with the Photographer About His Collection of Underwater Nudes, Subsumed

Visual Art Jul 25 4:00 AM

The Silent, Shuttered Works of Cathy Wilkes

Pieces From Yale Union’s Current Show Will Be in Next Year’s Venice Biennale

Visual Art Jul 18 4:00 AM

Xander Marrow and Rocket Are Perfectly Paired for Germination

The Two-Person Photography Show Explores Intimate History and Artistic Development

Visual Art Jun 13 4:00 AM

Art Review: Consu Tolosa at Guardino Gallery

Pleasures + Perils Continues Tolosa’s Shift Toward Abstract Painting

Music Jun 6 4:00 AM

S1’s Fourth-Anniversary Weekend

Portland's Partial Gallery, Partial Venue, All Synth Paradise