Love by Andie Main,
  • "Love" by Andie Main,

Want to mix a little comedy in with your First Friday art appreciation?

Predisposed to like anything that involves the word "fart"?

Then get yourself down to The Side Door Cafe tonight for "Artsy + Fartsy," a comedy show-slash-art-exhibit.

Who knew that a bunch of Portland stand-up comedians were also visual artists? I sure as hell didn't. But Andie Main did, and she put together this show with a pretty cool theme: the comedians performing also have art hanging on the walls. There's a reception with the artists at 7pm, and then the comedy starts at 8. Tonight's lineup includes Steven Wilber, Danny Felts, Nariko Ott, Xander Devaux, Kyle Harbert, Iris Gorman, Andie Main, and Stephanie Purtle. While I can't speak to the quality of their artwork, they've got a great mix of comedic talent. The show is free, and Side Door is a cool little pub with a full bar, and pretty decent food.