Portland's comedy scene is killing it these days. Doubt it? Go read the hilarious Ian Karmel's love note to all things Portland as fuck.

This town is sick with the funny, and someone besides us finally took note. Comedy Central, arbiter of all things funny but relatively safe for a mainstream audience, is checking out Portland for its "Comics to Watch" series. First time! No shit! A bunch of our funniest comics will each get eight minutes to roll out their best stuff.

Can't say at this point if any of them will go further, but you never know. They're pretty damn funny. Go to this show and you might just be able to say you were there when Anthony Lopez's TMNT joke went viral, or Gabe Dinger's bag full of nightmares rocked the nation to its core.

Helium. Tonight. 8pm. And what the hell, Portland — it's only five bucks. Go support our local comedians and let Comedy Central know that Portland comedy is funny as fuck.