Brent Weinbach is one of the most original comedians working today. He's weird, he's incredibly dry, and he can be hilarious. So when he headlines Funny Over Everything, do yourself a favor and check him out. Show producer and comedian Ian Karmel calls Weinbach "one of the most innovative comedians in the country." Weinbach's not just innovative, says Karmel, he's also "fucking hilarious. I saw him for the first time when he was headlining Helium, and he did things [I would have been] terrified to try as a comedian, and they brought the house down. He killed doing jokes with his belt. He killed. Doing jokes. With his belt. He's amazing."

While critics and other comics call Weinbach's work creative and brilliant, Weinbach takes a simpler approach. "It's penis humor, poo humor, and other kinds of things that 12-year-old boys would laugh at. I'm looking for the 12-year-old boy in everybody to appeal to." He enjoys performing in Portland, he says, because "it's a breeding ground for prominent 12-year-old boys in the 12-year-old boy scene."

Weinbach just released his third comedy album, Mostly Live. As the title indicates, it's a lot of live material, which is why he calls this album his "sellout" album. "My first album was all studio recordings, maybe only five-to-10 percent live. The second one was about a third live and the rest were phone calls and songs. So this one is my sellout album. You don't have to laugh for yourself on this one like you did with the other two. You don't have to get the jokes, you just have to hear people laughing and you know it's funny. Because at heart we're all sheep. So it's easier to like something if everybody else is liking it. This is the sellout record for sure. There's laughter all the way through on this one." It's not all live, though—"there's bits," he says. "A little penis, a little poo, some funny accents and voices. Some good sound effects and stuff. The rest is phone calls from my friend Daniel Porter. Confessional things, he'd leave these long messages so I made some music underneath and it has kind of a neat Joe Frank feel to it."

And since Weinbach's on the road promoting the album, he wants everyone to know he's got the audience in mind. "I trained really hard in preparation for the album," he says. "I did Gold's Gym every day for three months, did squats and crunches, did Soloflex. I got my body toned and got my neck toned as well. The truth of the matter is I look great in briefs, and that's what this album is about. It's about looking great in briefs."

All kidding aside, Weinbach wants people to know that his show is about fun. "Even though I look smart and am smart," he says, "my comedy is pretty stupid. So don't think too hard about it. It's not meant to make you think, it's meant to make you laugh and enjoy. There's no subversive agenda. It is actually as stupid as it looks."

He goes on, "It's not meant to be dark or offensive either. In case anyone thinks saying 'couscous' and sticking out my tongue has any dark meaning, there's not. It's just a funny-sounding word and a funny gesture. This is a show for the whole family. And by 'family,' I mean a four-member group of 12-year-old boys."