We've mentioned here before that as Portland's stand-up comedy scene grows and improves (which it is totally doing, and which is really great to see), a side-effect is that you can't turn around anymore without running into yet another stand-up comedy showcase.

Now, don't get me wrong. Like I said a second ago, it's great to see the scene and the comics in this town getting better at what they do and getting the exposure to prove it. But ... holy shit, you guys, all of these stand-up showcases begin to run together after a certain point.

So it's notable when someone puts together a stand-up show that steps outside of the usual bounds. Tonight, Scott Rogers and Whitney Streed are launching a new show that, if it goes well, I expect we'll see become a monthly occurrence. ALL CAPS, at the Jack London Bar at 9pm, is a character-based stand-up show. All of the comics performing will be playing characters who are not themselves.

I'm looking forward to the show because it's something different, but there's definitely the risk it'll tank. However, for just $5, it's probably worth the risk. And given who's performing (Christian Ricketts, Phil Schallberger, Barbara Holm, Jimmy Newstetter, Jen Allen, Wallace Fessler, and Josh Fisher), it'll probably be hilarious—and if it DOES fail, it'll probably fail hilariously. But I'm guessing it won't, and there'll be some inspired performances on that stage tonight.