I distinctly recall telling you people the last time I was going to perform my non-award winning Taylor Swift puppet show... and yet? Some of you didn't show up. And get this for an excuse... apparently a few of you thought I was just making a joke. Well, let me say for the record...


Tonight you have another extremely rare chance to see my awe-inspiring and absolutely REAL Taylor Swift puppet show, along with an all-star lineup of equal or better entertainments including host Dan Kennedy (of NYC's The Moth), Arthur Bradford, the Mercury's most adorable man-eater Barbara Holm, author Kevin Sampsell, and so much more in the latest installment of ENTERTAINMENT FOR PEOPLE.

That's Entertainment for People, TONIGHT, at Disjecta (8371 N Interstate) door and drinks at 7 pm, show at 8 pm, and since these babies sell out like clockwork, it would behoove you to get your tickets here. There you will see my Taylor Swift puppet show... which is REAL. Soooooo REAL!

Trust him... its REAL.
  • "Trust him... it's REAL."