Attention wage slaves and former wage slaves! Go see Work Schmerk and feel better about all the shitty jobs you’ve ever had to do.

You know that thing where you go to a party and someone asks (because they always ask), “And what do YOU do?” And maybe you’re lucky enough to have a job you like and feel OK about hanging your entire identity on, but maybe you’re not? Jay Flewelling knows that feeling. He’s worked a lot of odd jobs (Literally. The man has worked some literally very odd jobs.), but he finally figured out that it’s his dream of writing, performing and producing that defines him. For Flewelling (as it is for a lot of us), it’s not his job that defines him, but his work.

Flewelling is a well-known favorite face on Portland’s comedy stages. He performs with the Curious Comedy Players; with the improv troupe Administration; as a storyteller with the Moth, Live Wire, and Campfire; and as a stand-up comedian. He also produces Comedy Grab Bag at Action/Adventure Theater and Friday Night Fights at Curious Comedy Theater. He’s all over town, and he’s good at what he does. Flewelling is one of Portland’s most affable, intelligent, and funny performers and it’s a thrill to see him create a work that is entirely his own.

In Work Schmerk, Flewelling walks through the strange jobs and stranger co-workers he’s held over the last number of years. From working at the discount grocery in Gresham to teaching health and life skills in Alaska, to physically counting money in a bank vault, and a lot in between, Flewelling has held some weird jobs. In this show, he recounts some of his stories, re-creates some of the characters he worked with, and offers articulate and complex running commentary with a crispness and precision that makes him a joy to watch on stage.

This is Flewelling’s first one-man show, and he worked with writer/director Caitlin Kunkel (Second City Chicago, The Brody Theater) to sharpen his words and performance. They’ve been working on this show for months, and their dedication shows. Flewelling delivers a solid performance of great material. The show is two nights only, Tuesday and Wednesday at 8pm at Coho Theater 2257 NW Raleigh. Get tickets here. Go see it. It’s worth it.