Wow! A lot of things can happen in a decade—which makes it hard to remember them all. Let’s see how much YOU can remember by matching the person or thing (1-13) to the answer that best describes it (A-M). Answers are below and good luck (in the sure-to-be-horrible coming decade)!

1. Ammon Bundy

2. Charlie Sheen

3. Sarah Palin

4. Justin Bieber

5. Johnny Reilly

6. PSY

7. Donald Trump

8. Kris Humphries

9. Cory Booker

10. Four Loko

11. Rando drunk Portland dude

12. Bob Caldwell

13. Martin Shkreli


A. Singer best known for abandoning his pet monkey in Germany.

B. Carried on a flirtatious DM convo with local Casa Diablo dancer Lynsie Lee in 2013.

C. Divorced by Kim Kardashian after 72 days of marriage in 2011.

D. Peed into the Mt. Tabor reservoir in 2011, costing the city $35,000 in clean up fees.

E. Revered Oregonian opinion writer who died in his car... wait! He actually died in the bed of a 23-year-old sex worker.

F. Leader of the 2016 41-day standoff at an Oregon bird refuge (boy, he sure showed us).

G. Caffeinated alcoholic beverage that was banned in Oregon in 2010 after fucking up everyone royally at a Mercury holiday party.

H. Jacked up prices of AIDS medication; second worst person of the decade.

I. Cast member of the Real World Portland, which—to our knowledge—was never watched by a single living soul.

J. Publicly claimed he was a warlock with Adonis DNA and tiger blood.

K. Worst person of the decade and destroyer of worlds.

L. His 2012 song “Gangnam Style” was an international hit among fourth graders.

M. Third worst person of the decade.


ANSWERS: 1=F; 2=J; 3=M; 4=A; 5=I; 6=L; 7=K; 8=C; 9=B; 10=G; 11=D; 12=E; 13=H