Why? Because this cat really loves salad.
Why? Because this cat really loves salad. Twitter Screen Shot

Good afternoon, Monday! If your week is already starting off on the wrong foot, let's do some "course correction" with the Mercury Cheer Up Club—a roundup of the best laughs from the internet! SO LET'S GET TO CHEERING.

Today in "Wait... HOW DO THEY DO THAT?!?" news:

Today in "Always good advice" news:

Today in "Everything Jeff Wright does is hilarious... including this" news:

Today in "My knees ache just looking at this" news:

Today in "Old-timey women were FIERCE" news:

Today in "Ohhhhh... so THAT'S where he is!" news:

And finally, today in "Me, when I see unrelated people not doing social distancing" news:

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