What... are you saying my real eyes are ugly?
"What... are you saying my real eyes are ugly?" Twitter Screen Shot

Ding, ding! Order up! Hope you're hungry because here comes a heapin' helpin' plate of LAUGHS, courtesy of the Mercury Cheer Up Club! Wait... what's that? Oh, you're actually hungry? Huh. Okay. Ummm... sorry. I'll go make you a sandwich. Look at these funny things while you wait.

Today in "When it's announced that TGI Fridays has reopened" news:

Today in "Who needs Last Dance?" news:

Today in "More bird jokes, please" news:

Today in "Yup... this is pretty much me, all the time" news:

Today in "Wait... this is the same world that I live in?" news:

Today in "Overly complicated but effective pranks" news:

Today in "Pass the asparagus, please" news:

And finally, today in "And the winner of the Scripp's National Spelling Bee is...." news:

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