Heres that Mean Girls remake youve been waiting for!
Here's that Mean Girls remake you've been waiting for! Twitter Screen Shot

You know how some days start off okay and then inexplicably go sideways, spinning out of control before flying off a cliff and bursting into flames? Brother and/or sister, I hear ya! That's why we invented the Mercury Cheer Up Clubโ€”a daily roundup of laughs that will extinguish the flames of your crappy day. SO LET'S GET EXTINGUISHING!

Today in "Don't... don't you do it, Puddles! I SAID, DON'T YOU... damn it" news:

Today in "Sarah Cooper is a national treasure" news:

Today in "Children who are able to get their parents to do anything" news:

Today in "the Mean Girls remake you've been waiting for" news:

Today in "Well, I guess she told me off" news:

Today in "A peek into your post-quarantine future" news:

And finally, today in "Is this the best husband in the world or the worst?" news:

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