If you need a good laugh, you will not want to miss the funniest live show in town, Road House: The Play running now through June 17 at the Siren Theater!

Based on the classic 1989 Patrick Swayze flick, Road House: The Play features Portland's best comic actors recreating this bar-brawlin', romancin', and wildly over-the-top cult classic. (This includes yours truly, who you'll see wearing various—and slightly unsettling—costumes.) Plus it's going down at the new Siren Theater on Mississppi Ave, recently proclaimed one of the city's top comedy spots in our "Say Nice Things About Portland" roundup!

You can get your tickets here, but if you're feeling lucky, enter to WIN TWO FREE TICKETS for this Saturday's June 20 performance of Road House, by emailing us here, and put "Free Road House Tix" in the subject line. Winners will be notified by noon tomorrow, so hurry up and enter already!

Unfamiliar with the original Road House? No problem, this movie trailer will tell you everything you need to know, and remember: "PAIN DON'T HURT."