• Gingerbread Girl

Three new local comics things worth reading:

1: Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover are currently serializing their new project Gingerbread Girl on Top Shelf's website. So far, four installments are up, in which it's established that the protagonist is a 27-year-old, maybe-lesbian, one-time Powell's employee (yes, it's set in Portland)—check it out, it is absolutely great so far. Top Shelf is releasing three pages every Monday and Friday, with a full hardcover release planned in April, to coincide with the Stumptown Comics Festival.

2: Jeff Parker and Erika Moen just debuted a new webcomic called Bucko (tagline: "A Dick and Fart Joke Murder Mystery), which so far details an unfortunately relatable morning in which the protagonist wakes up hungover in a stranger's bed, late for a job interview. (Yes, it's set in Portland.) That one'll be updating Tuesday and Friday. I am excited for the murdering and dick joking to commence!

3: Oni Press just released Ivy, the debut graphic novel from local cartoonist Sarah Oleksyk. Based on the first chapter, which you can read for free on Oleksyk's site, it's a more-honest-than-usual look at the life of a high school girl. I love YA stories in which the protagonist is an unintentional asshole—'cause c'mon, we all were. (No, it's not set in Portland.... but the release party is! Tomorrow night at Floating World, 6 pm.)