Stumptown Comics fest guest Sarah Glidden is the creator of How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less, which chronicles her trip to Israel on a Birthright tour. (Here's our review.) This morning, Cartoon Movement posted Glidden's most recent piece, a 20-page look at the Iraqi refugees living in Syria—the largest urban refugee population in history. Glidden's piece takes an intimate, ground-level look at the frustrations of an educated, middle-class population whose options have been severely limited by their refugee status. Read the whole thing here.

In other Stumptown news, tonight at Floating World, Stumptown featured guest Carla Speed McNeil will be presenting original artwork and discussing her series Finder, which she self-published for 15 years before Dark Horse Comics released a recent collection. Finder is a sophisticated, heady science fiction series with an extensive mythology that I'm not even going to try to explain, save to say that it involves cat-headed women, creeepy clanspeople, and futuristic hunter-gatherer society. The Finder Library, Volume 1 collects the series' first four story arcs; clocking in at just over 600 pages (including end notes), it's a steal at $25, and highly recommended for folks looking for a big, weighty slab of whip-smart comics to dive into. McNeil will be at Floating World (20 NW 5th #101) tonight from 6-8 pm.