There are a LOT of comics-related events going on tomorrow night, which—because I am hosting one of them—makes me feel a bit like this.


Here's a rundown:

Grendel 30th Anniversary Book Release/Art Show—I've never read Matt Wagner's Grendel series, but a number of people I respect really like it. That's at Floating World (400 NW Couch) from 6-10 pm.

Menage a Trois: Playful, Sexy and Erotic Art by 3 Talented Women in Comics
with Keri Grassl, Rebecca Woods, and Erika Moen
—Portland's only source for consensual adult playtime and fresh-baked cookies at midnight hosts a show of erotic comics art. Plus, it's a rare chance to see the inside of Ron Jeremy's sex club without having to buy a membership. Club Sesso (824 SW 1st), 6-8 pm

Joelle Jones & Naomi Nowak —Comics artist Joelle Jones is a good buddy of mine, so full bias admitted here, but I love her bad-girl themed vintage ad parodies. (The Old Gold needs to snag a copy of this one, don't you think?) That's at Hellion Gallery (19 NW 5th Ave, Suite 204).

Paul Tobin—Comics writer Paul Tobin turns his hand to prose with Prepare to Die!, a novel about a superhero who's given two weeks to settle his affairs. We've got a review right over here. He's reading at the Hawthorne Powell's (3723 SE Hawthorne) at 7:30 pm.

Comics Underground—And finally, Erik Henriksen and I produce a live comics performance event that this month features Matt Fraction, Sara Ryan, Ben Dewey (that's his capybara up there), and former Merc intern Suzette Smith. That starts at 8 pm tomorrow at the Jack London (529 SW 4th), underneath the Rialto, $3