• From Modest Medusa by Jake Richmond

Hey! Alison and I do this thing! We're doing one tonight! You should come! Via My, What a Busy Week!...

BASEMENT NERDS—Comics Underground is Portland's most fun comics event—and I'd say that even if it weren't hosted by the Mercury's arts and film editors. This month, artists Colleen Coover, Jen Vaughn, and Jake Richmond will pack the place to read new work and partake of stiff drinks. Fun art, good people, and ready availability of delicious Reuben sandwiches! SM
Jack London Bar, 529 SW 4th, 8 pm, $3

Tonight's is going to be great, and because I just had a rare burst of generosity and goodwill toward mankind (this might have something to do with the skull-shaped bottle of vodka that showed up on my desk this morning), I'm going to give away a pair of tickets to tonight's show. To enter to win, email me no later than 4 pm today, and make sure the subject line of your email is "Underground." I'll pick a winner at random at 4, then email them back. Have at. See you tonight.