[This blog post brought to you by the Mercury's Department of Self Promotion.]

  • Will Eisner, from Last Day in Vietnam

Every couple months, Mercury Senior Editor Erik Henriksen and I put on an event called Comics Underground, which combines live performance and comic books and booze and fun. For this month's show, we're partnering with Dark Horse Comics for a special Will Eisner-themed edition of Comics Underground, in conjunction with other Will Eisner Week celebrations organized by Dark Horse.

All of the guests at tomorrow's show will be reading stories from Will Eisner's Last Day in Vietnam. The lineup is... pretty good.

MATT FRACTION, architect of the Marvel Universe, writer of The Invincible Iron Man, and creator of the beloved high-concept spy comic Casanova.

BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS, yet another architect of the Marvel Universe, writer of Ultimate Spider Man and creator of the beloved superhero noir comic Alias.

MICHAEL AVON OEMING, a creator and artist on numerous projects including the Eisner-winning series Powers.

DYLAN MECONIS, creator of the brainy historical graphic novel Family Man and the vampire-themed spoof Bite Me.

KELLY SUE DECONNICK, writer of a number of Marvel Comics titles, including the well-received Osborn miniseries and Avengers Assemble.

ERIK NEBEL, creator of War and Peace: The Comic, which is just what it says it is.

We're pretty excited. I'll put a random Blogtown reader on the list with a plus one—just email me by 4 pm today with "Eisner" in the subject line, and I'll email you back if you've won.

Or, if you'd like to see the show the old fashioned way—by exchanging dollar bills for entertainment—it's a mere $3-5 sliding scale at the door.

Comics Underground is tomorrow (Thurs March 7) at the the Jack London Bar (529 SW 5th) at 8 pm. $3-5, and doors open at 7:30. We suggest getting there then if you enjoy things like "sitting down" and "being able to see."