Matt Davis hangs up the phone after a tense conversation with a dental assistant.

MATT DAVIS: In Britain, I go to the dentist once a year and they don’t fuckin’ touch me. Here it’s, ‘Oh, you need to have a tooth filled.’ No I don’t! They try to fuckin’ rape you for money!

SARAH MIRK: You’re mad because you have a cavity?

MD: Look, I don’t have a cavity. And I’ll tell you one thing, dental standards are not objective. They’re cultural.

SM: Is this the part where the guy with stereotypically bad English teeth gets mad at American dentists for trying to fix them?

MD: I have stereotypically GREAT English teeth and my dentist is a Republican with a picture of Nixon on his wall!

PATRICK: Why would you let anyone with a picture of Nixon on their wall get into your mouth?

MD: I need to fuckin' change dentists, mate.