It has been said that "gloating is a sign of insecurity." That being said, "WE'RE #1 IN INSECURITY!! WHOOO!!" Anyway, guess what? At the recent AAN (Association of Alternative Newsweeklies) convention, the Mercury brought home three big prizes at the 2010 AltWeekly Awards. To wit:

SECOND PLACE: BEST BLOG (under 50,000 circulation): Portland Mercury's Blogtown!
SECOND PLACE: BEST MUSIC BLOG (under 50,000 circ): Portland Mercury's End Hits!
FIRST PLACE: BEST COVER DESIGN (under 50,000 circ): Portland Mercury's Justin "Scrappers" Morrison!

Yay us! Or as Mel Gibson might say, "Now you have to blow me before I get in the Jacuzzi!"

Seriously, congrats to all the people who make Blogtown and End Hits a great place to hang out online (that includes YOU, bubby), as well as the best art director in the universe, Scrappers! Keep up the good work, guys!