DON'T FORGET! "10 Years of Mercury Covers" spotlighting... ummm... 10 years of Mercury covers opens TONIGHT at Powell's on Burnside. From everyone that's seen it, the sight of close to 600 covers plastered all over the walls is truly an overwhelming experience—and a bunch of Merc jerks will be on hand to gloat. So come on by!

You can see EVERY Mercury cover ever made (like 600 of 'em) and even purchase color prints of your favorites all this month at Powell's City of Books' Basil Hallward Gallery (1005 W Burnside; opening reception Thursday, January 6 at 6:30 pm. Proceeds from poster sales go to the Independent Publishing Resource Center.

  • FAVE!

NOT SO FAVE! (And kinda gross.)
  • NOT SO FAVE! (And kinda gross.)