Michael Gennaco
  • Michael Gennaco
In a move long sought by police accountability advocates, the Portland City Council tomorrow will discuss whether to hire outside analysts to review police bureau investigations of most officer-involved shootings and in-custody deaths dating to January 1, 2004.

The three-year contract would pay Michael Gennaco and two other auditors from Los Angeles County's Office of Independent Review—well-known police watchdogs—as much as $250,000. Gennaco and his team previously reviewed the city's handling of the James Chasse Jr. beating investigation and would expand their work to include all investigations completed by the police bureau as of December 31, 2011.

As part of their work, Gennaco's team would attend and study at least one Police Review Board session, examine all documents and files related to previous investigations, review the bureau's policies and training on how officers should use deadly force, and also sit down with accountability advocates, city commissioners and staffers, police commanders, police union officials, and members of the Citizen Review Committee.

The contract suggests an audit will be submitted to the council at some point during the next three years, but doesn't indicate a firm deadline or due date. The council hearing will follow a meeting of the Downtown Public Safety Action Committee this morning where police bureau officials will release "an analysis of data" on police shootings over the past year or so.

Gennaco's office made headlines last month when it took up a case that had festered in Los Angeles for 40 years—the slaying of journalist Ruben Salazar—and found there was no evidence in formerly secret files that Salazar had been targeted by law enforcement.


To see the list of potentially eligible investigations since 2003, click past the jump.


That was from the proposed contract with Gennaco's team. The following is from Dan Handelman at Copwatch.

James Jahar Perez (shot in "too nice a car for the neighborhood") 3/04
Marcello Vaida (shot after foot pursuit; 38 shots fired; lived) 10/05
Raymond Gwerder (shot by Officer Besner while talking to negotiator) 11/05
Dennis Young (shot by Lt Kaer outside sister's home)
Tim Grant (died after being hit by Taser) 3/06
Jerry Goins (shot near recruiting station) 7/06
Scott Vincent Suran (shot after car chase; lived) 8/06
David Earl Hughes (shot behind a fence while wanted by feds) 11/06
Dupree Carter (bullet hit his dishwasher, not him) 12/06
Steven R. Bolen (shot after ramming his own garage door) 5/07
Lesley Paul Scott Stewart (shot while talking to negotiator; lived)
Jeffrey Dean Turpin (shot by off duty Sgt. in Scappoose) 10/07
Jason Spoor (shot by Officer McCollister of Kendra James fame) 5/08
Derek J. Coady (shot by Officer Corno near shed in federal drug raid;
alleged suicide) 5/08
Osmar Lovaina-Bermudez (shot by Officer Corno near shed; lived) 8/09
Aaron Marcell Campbell (shot by Officer Frashour) 1/10

Here are the ones that are not "closed investigations" yet:

Jack Dale Collins (shot by Officer Walters at Hoyt Arboretum for Xacto
knife) 3/10
Keaton Dupree Otis (shot 23 times by Gang Team at traffic stop) 5/10
Craig Boehler (shot through spine during standoff; died of smoke inhalation)
Darryel Dwayne Ferguson (shot for holding air pistol by cops at door at 4
AM) 12/10
Marcus Lagozzino (shot for having a machete; lived) 12/10
Kevin Charles Moffett (shots missed him outside nightclub after murder) 1/11
Thomas Higginbotham (shot in car wash for having a knife) 1/11