Ahead of tonight's Occupy Portland general assembly meeting, Portland police have sent out another statement asking the organizers of Thursday's big rally and march to pretty-please-with-cherries-on-top ask for an official permit and let them know, if possible, please, what the protesters' route to Pioneer Courthouse Square might be.

It starts out mostly nice, if passive-aggressive. (Quotation marks around "Occupy Portland"?)

As of today, Tuesday October 4, 2011, event organizers have not obtained a permit for "Occupy Portland." There is another planning meeting this evening and we are continuing to encourage organizers to obtain a permit. Permits are important to helping establish guidelines so that there is a safe and peaceful and lawful event. We have also not been told what the route is going to be.

We want people to know that we believe that there may be disruptions in vehicle, pedestrian and Tri-Met traffic in the downtown core Thursday, October 6, 2011 beginning at noon continuing throughout the afternoon.

Then comes a dose of not-nice: If anyone's thinking of "occupying" any of Portland's parks, you'll probably get arrested. (Portland cops have something of a history when it comes "not nice" and "protests.")

We want to remind people that under City Code Park Rule 20.12.210 Hours of Park Closure:

A. No person shall be in a Park during hours of park closure. Unless the Director designates otherwise for any Park, "hours of park closure" means any time between the hours of 12:01 a.m. and 5 a.m. This offense is a class "B" Misdemeanor and under the City Code those who violate Park rules can be arrested.

And then comes a plug. For the cops' Twitter feed. Like the one on the bureau's squad cars.

The day of the event follow @Portlandpolice on Twitter for updates and information.