The Museum of Contemporary Craft's Gallery Store has always felt a little under-appreciated. For a shop that specializes in the work of some of the region's most particularly skilled work, it has a surprisingly low profile in the minds of boutique patrons. This month the museum is aiming to change all that with a redesign that will see its doors close on November 4 and reopen with a member's preview on November 14. The museum's Communications Specialist Lisa Radon says the new direction will "include some great contemporary jewlery, fresh glass and ceramics, and new recycled leather bags, designed and made in Portland. Also, there will be indigo-dyed Museum totes, Museum Scout Books, postcards, and more. Namita's restocking Nikki McClure goods and bringing in more paper goods from Red Bat and others." Our craft museum is widely known as one of the world's most progressive, and it's only fitting that its retail outlet should reflect that. Stay tuned for a glimpse of the new store once it's up and running.