Liar, conspiracy theorist, and all around evil dude Alex Jones.
Liar, conspiracy theorist, and all around evil dude Alex Jones. YouTube/InfoWars

Rabid dog and right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones took to the airwaves with some of his trademark "news" on Monday when he predicted that secret operatives working for the Clintons and within the Justice Department, the FBI, and the Secret Service will soon attempt to kill the President. A transcript, compliments of Media Matters:

We have caught them in a gigantic, arrogant, foaming at the mouth, arrogance fueled, rabid dog, reckless, naked, bold ridiculous fraud, run by — it looks like — maybe 15 people in the Justice Department and the FBI. And that really makes me feel good, to know that for all the problems in our government, they tried to keep it down to like 15 people, knowing that it would leak and they'd get in trouble. Which, of course, it did leak and people are going to start covering their butts now because they don't all want to go to prison. And I don't know how the Clintons and their operatives in the FBI get away with this. I don't know how Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, or James Comey, or Eric Holder — I don't see how Strzok gets away with this. And there's only a couple others. The Justice Department official, his wife at Fusion GPS. I don't see how they put Humpty Dumpty back together again, and that's the issue. They're now at the full cornered hyena point, and we're moving in for the political final blow, and they're going to hit us with whatever else they got.

I think they're going to go ahead and make their move to kill the president. I think in the next 30 days, I think they're going to make an assassination attempt. I just — my gut — I see all of them together, they're that desperate. They're either going to give up or they're going to activate their cells. And a lot of my smart sources agree with that. And they've got a lot of mentally ill Democrats and people inside the Secret Service, inside other places in government. And whenever the Clintons and the Obamas would go into military areas they would have everybody take the clips, the magazines, the ammunition out of their firearms. Trump isn't doing that. They are not taking the ammunition out, and I don't think they should. And the president, if he is going to get killed, he's ready to get killed that's just where this is going to go next. It's going to be like when they killed Julius Caesar, you know what happened to the plotters. They really brought down hell on them then. I don't want the president to be killed, but if they are dumb enough to actually do it, boy, they have sealed their warrant of death. They have guaranteed that they are all gonna probably never even see court. They're playing chicken with people that are ready to mash down the accelerator, cause I know I'm mashing it down. I'm pointing my car right at the nose of theirs, so is Trump, that's the spirit.

Okaaay. This kind of blathering might be funny if so many people didn't actually believe it. Jones—who has also peddled the myths that 9/11 was an inside job, Sandy Hook was staged by gun control advocates, and both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are literal demons—has over a billion views on YouTube and his show, Infowars, is syndicated on over 160 radio stations, at least according to Jones himself, although you really cannot believe anything that man says. For instance, that the Clintons are involved in a vast conspiracy to murder the President. The world we live in just isn't that fair.